Like many, I did not come into the world knowing my purpose.  It has taken time, lots of personal development, questions, good and bad experiences to help uncover my purpose.

Below is my purpose map, it took time to create it.  I listened to what others said when I was helping them.  I looked at what was important to me and how I liked to live my life.  I always knew I want to make a difference but was not sure what they looked like.  I made the mistake thinking I need to make a big difference, but in time I realised it was about making lots of small differences.

So now I listen, share a kind word, a smile, a simple hello or make eye contact with someone.  That is now my mission and that is how I fulfil my purpose within my values.

Helen Andrew Purpose Map

Living my purpose is a constant journey, but it is my ‘North Star’.  It helps me stay in alignment giving me direction and clarity as I go about my life.  I will stumble but with practice, I become more clear about where I am going and how I will get there.

An example is my value of family – they come first.  While creating and building Spare Harvest, I was asked to be in many places, events and meetings.  The first thing I did was check my diary to see what activities my children were doing.  In the early days, I would only make a commitment to do drop off and pick up, so unless it was during school hours or their father could do it the answer was no.  It made it easy to make those decisions because I knew with clarity what my family value meant.

Throughout your life, you will be pulled and pushed in many directions, making decisions you regret.  Knowing your purpose, mission and values anchor you so you can make better choices and live life more fully.

Helen Andrew Headshot
Robyn Williams Quote


While it may seem that I wear many hats, they have the same purpose to life people up.  

Purpose Weaver

As a social entrepreneur I have spent a lot of time in the social innovation space.  I have watch great intentioned people create social and environmental solutions but make costly and stressful mistakes because they don’t know their purpose.  They are very good at their mission, but are unable to anchor their decisions to a purpose.

I work with individuals, sole entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them uncover their purpose and create their purpose map™.  Providing them a ‘north star’ to guide them and their community to become better decision makers.

Community Activator

I live in a beautiful part of the world.  The Sunshine Coast is home to an amazing environment and wonderful people, and I am blessed to live in this great community.

Sometimes we need to fight for our community.  I show up to lift our community up to create a thriving future for all. 

I get involved in many community projects, volunteering my time and skills to improve our community, advocate for change and support those most vulnerable.  Check out my current and past community work.

Regenerative Mentor

To thrive, we need to regenerate the people and our planet.  There is no planet B.  Hurt people hurt the environment, healed people heal the environment.  Healing and remembering are at the heart of regeneration.  

We need to create conditions conducive to life if we are to experience planetary well-being.  With expertise in the circular and sharing economies, I have spent my time building my knowledge on how we might create a regenerative future for the Sunshine Coast and beyond.


Family is my most important value and guides my decision-making on how and when I show up.  

My family value has always been a high priority.  I decided to give up my career to become a full-time parent before my daughter was born.  The BEST decision I have ever made.  It came with its challenges, but the investment I have made in the upbringing of my children will benefit the community ongoing.