A purpose map gives your life, your organisation, your project direction or your community group clarity, focus and direction.  A personalised map uncovers your unique map giving you a path to your vision or your life’s journey.  

A purpose map is like a music manuscript.   Each musician of each section needs to play tightly in unison with other members of the orchestra.  They can only do this with a manuscript or a map that gives them direction so they can play together beautifully.  Like every piece of music, they are individual and unique; so too is your purpose map.

Whether we work with individuals and organisations we follow the same framework.  A purpose map not only uncovers your purpose, we uncover your mission, impact, vision and values.  Your mission, impact, vision and values are needed to support the delivery of your purpose.  You can’t have a purpose without understanding your mission, impact, vision and values.


This is your WHY

Your reason for existing, for being.  Purpose guides your mission towards your vision.  Purpose is your ‘North Star’.

Your purpose is your belief, cause and intent.  It is what binds everything you do.  It’s like the foundation of your house, it provides a base for your mission, vision and values.

Your purpose statement shares why you do what you do and why you serve a higher purpose or cause.  It is the why an organisation or project exists.

Purpose is the North star
Creating a vision


This is your WHERE

Where are you going? If you achieved your mission and fulfilled your purpose, what would that look like? Your vision statement is about your future.

Your vision must be realistic and can be ambitious.  It should be aspirational with the function to guide and motivate towards the desired outcome.


This is your WHAT

A mission statement outlines what you are going to do to fulfil your purpose. This is an actionable statement that you can measure.  The mission grounds the vision so that it feels achievable.

What activities are you going to do to advance your purpose?  What actions are you going to take?  Keep it at a high level.  The next stage would be to drill it down further into goals and specific actions.

A collective mission
Personal Values


This is your HOW

Values are your beliefs that guide your attitudes and motivate your actions.  They help use determine what is important to us or our organisation.  Values describe the qualities we choose to embody to guide the person we want to be or the kind of organisation we want to be.

If you value family, but you work 70 hour weeks, you might feel internal stress and conflict.  At work, if you value sustainability, then you would review your purchasing policies to ensure it includes recycled materials.


This is your WHO

Impact businesses like to include who they are impacting.  If you are a social business, who are the people that will benefit from you fulfilling your purpose.  What is the impact that you will make?  

Who are the beneficiaries of your purpose?  Is it a group of people, or a person?  Is it the environment?  Describe who you will be impacting with your purpose.

The road to impact
Zig Ziglar Purpose Quote



To uncover your purpose, whether as an individual or organisation, we start with you. We have created some Purpose Map templates that you can complete by yourself or you can book one of our sessions.  Head to the Individual or Organisation page to find out more.  If you have any questions, reach out so we can chat.