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In its simplest terms, regeneration is creating conditions conducive to life.  Co-creating the environments for all life to flourish.  For billions of years, Earth has been in a state of regeneration, creating conditions for more life enabling the richness and diversification of the ecosystems that we inhabit.

Regeneration is about nurturing the potential that all people and communities already have to be sources of health for all life on earth, giving that potential space to grow and be realised.  Working not only to change ‘out there’ but to change ‘in here’, our own mindsets and behaviours, and those of our communities and organisations.  

We can look to nature for inspiration to reinvent how we live and work together to create shared value in a way that enriches everyone and our ecosystems.  We can observe nature’s systemic patterns that enable ecosystems to behave, spontaneously, in a life-conducive way to help us transform our journey from extraction to regeneration.

Extraction Sustainability Regeneration

Of this we can be certain: at no time, in no place, and in no way is anything in the Universe separate, independent, or unrelated.

Regeneration is a process that only happens in living systems.  This area of practice and research is ever changing but there are some fundamental principles that underpin regeneration.

Systems thinking provides the foundation for all regenerative principles.  Any kind of systems-level creativity is going to require systems-level awareness.  For this we need a new way of thinking; systems thinking.  Systems change is about restructuring the way a system is arranged to create a new pattern of organisation that is more decentralised and networked.  The task of systems thinking is not to seek change in the parts, but to seek and uncover all the blocks and dysfunctionalities we have built within the connections of those parts.


Everything is interconnected, interdependent, and nested.  Our sustenance and the nature of our experience correspond directly to the health of the greater whole.  The health of one aspect of the living world is linked to the entire system and visa-versa.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. While we may think we are a single, separate entity, in reality, we are really a complex, dynamic nested ecosystem.  Everything exists in mutual sustenance.  The health and prosperity of one’s neighbour species is relational to the health and survival rates on both the individual and species levels.

The natural law of oneness reminds us that there is no separation.

We are all connected
Regeneration Reciprocity


Reciprocity is about interconnectedness.  Once we have encountered another, we are in relationship with them.  Our physical, social and spiritual connection wot everything.  Spiritual reciprocity is the stewardship of the land, whereas social reciprocity is our social obligations toward others within the group and to other groups.  Physical reciprocity is our relationship with our outside world, our natural resources and our food system.  Reciprocity is living in harmony, giving and taking that is needed for the whole system to flourish.


Diversity creates resilience.  It is about deliberately and consciously bringing together different voices, diverse opinions, varied perspectives, and cross-cultural worldviews.  Holding space for and welcoming paradoxes, embracing cognitive dissonance, discarding the notion of ‘one right solution’ and exploring the varied dimensions of any challenge or situation.

Regeneration Diversity
Regenerative Potential


Sustainability responds to problems dictating a future based on past and present problems rather than entire ranges of possibility.  Regeneration focuses on the potential of the system, and its purpose so it co-evolve toward higher orders of diversity, complexity, creativity and life.  It also starts with our purpose, to cultivate the inherent potential in oneself for the purpose of contributing to life’s vitality, viability and capacity to evolve.


Emergence is the collective behaviours in complex adaptive systems that are not present in their individual parts.  Emergent behaviours can be seen everywhere in nature to individuals self-organising into communities.  There are no leaders or central control.  Simply emergence is order arising out of chaos and occurs when interactions disrupt, causing the system to differentiate and ultimately coalesce into something novel.  We must embrace change, get comfortable with not knowing and allow what emerges.

Regenerative Cycles


All living beings’ health is directly correlated with the ability to observe, understand, and adapt its natural cycles. Our Indigenous cultures enjoyed long periods of stability and predictability as they understood and worked with nature’s natural cycles.  Modern societies have disconnected themselves so much from nature and its cycles that they have become unaware of them, fearing and trying to control them.  Our world is made up of cycles and the flow of cycles is ever-moving and evolving to find balance as it moves between convergence, divergence and emergence.


How are you going to transform?

We are at a turning point … a place where we remember we have the power to create the world we truly desire to live in.  This regenerative journey starts with us.  A personal journey of development, a practice of participation and co-creation.  When we live in the right relationships and practice the art of transformation, we are connecting and aligning with life itself.

Living and working regeneratively is about revealing potential.  Our Purpose Map™ framework is one tool to uncover your potential by authentically living your values and purpose.  There is no destination only a journey of discovery that emerges as you grow and evolve.

If you would like to connect and explore how we can help you on your regenerative journey, please reach out.  We offer a 15min connection call to start the process and see if this is something you wish to continue.  We offer this through a mentoring framework knowing that you have all the answers you need, we just support you in uncovering them by asking questions that opens up possibilities.

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