What is purpose?

The reason for which everything is done, created or exists.  A sense of meaning that is larger than mere self-interest and gives a sense of wellbeing no matter what may happen.  It guides decision making, it influences behaviour, shapes goals and offers a sense of direction while creating meaning.  Purpose is unique each one of us and it’s not something we come into this world knowing.  It is the journey of life that helps us uncover our purpose.

How do I find purpose?


Live a life asking yourself questions and reflecting on the answers.  Who am I?  Where do I belong?  When do I feel fulfilled?  What lifts me up?  True purpose is about recognising your own gifts and using them to contribute to the world – whether those gifts are playing music for others to enjoy, helping friends solve problems or lifting people up when they are down.

What does living purpose look like?


A life with purpose gives you a sense of comfort, of meaning and a sense of faith that you are on the right path.  Living your purpose gives you clarity when making decisions, provides an unknown yet known path that is taking you in the right direction.

Why is purpose important?


Purpose instills meaning, clarity and provides direction.  It guides decision making, the choices we must make to stay on our path.  Purpose gives meaning by tapping into a universal need to contribute, to feel part of something beyond ourselves.

What does purpose look like in organisations?


An organisations purpose is more than a mission or vision statement.  Purpose must be embedded into the organisation, through it communication and its actions.  Although a statement is important, it only has impact if it is backed up with actions.  Purpose is integral to creating your organisations culture.

Why is purpose important in organisations?


Just like purpose for individuals, it provides clarity, meaning and direction for organisations too.  Organisational purpose binds the people in the organisation to a common goal.   It recognises differences and diversity while building bridges and inclusion.  It helps teams in different departments to work together.  Purpose can also be the catalyst for innovation and drive long-term transformation.  It binds all to provide an environment of trust allowing people to contribute without fear.  A clear purpose that is actioned helps your attract and retain the best people, attract and retain customers and create a thriving culture of mutual collaboration and respect.

Why is the difference between purpose and mission?


Many people confuse purpose and mission.  Purpose is the why and mission is the what.  A mission statement is what you are doing to achieve your purpose.  It would make a clear what business you are in and what you are doing to align with your purpose.  Purpose is why an organisation exists beyond financial gain.  

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