The best way to share a little about us is to share our Purpose Map™.

Alignment with our purpose is a constant learning experience.  We are prepared to stumble, reassess and grow along the way.  What does not waiver is why we exist.  

We see our purpose map like a music manuscript.  Each person like each musician plays a different instrument/role with the manuscript to play beautiful music.  Our Purpose Map™ guides us to create beautiful music here at Priority Purpose.

Listen to a recent interview on ABC Sunshine Coast to learn more about our purpose.


Before Priority Purpose came to be, our founder Helen Andrew created a purpose driven community called Spare Harvest.  Spare Harvest’s purpose was to improve the wellbeing of the planet and their mission was to harness the power of the sharing and circular economies to connect people to more efficiently utilise their spare kitchen and garden assets.  

The vision for Spare Harvest was a community of like-minded people living a more sustainable life by exchanging what they had spare in their kitchens and gardens to reduce food waste and build a resilient local food system.

Spending time with other social entrepreneurs and socially minded people, Helen realised that many of them were focused on their mission without really understanding their purpose.  They found it challenging to make decisions and at times were taken down paths they would not benefit them.  Causing them pain and financial loss.  Helen came to understand that purpose is everyone’s ‘North Star’.

During her time creating and growing Spare Harvest, Helen spent time in the community educating and promoting sustainable living.   As a mother and citizen of the world, she is passionate about sustainability and living within our means.  Human kind is facing its greatest challenge to date – to find a way to provide social and economic development for all without destroying the planet. 

After Spare Harvest was successfully acquired in June 2021, Priority Purpose was born to help individuals, solo founders and small organisations uncover their purpose and create a map that gives them direction and clarity.

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